Since 1958

FRUPALE is a familiar interprise wich was founded in 1958 in Valencia, an area for horticultural excellence, starting a business trade of fruits and vegetables with some varieties of potatoes, onions and some citrus.

FRUPALE was introduced initially into the European markets of Germany, France and Switzerland, selling the best products on the market to meet the demands of their customers.

In the early 70s, FRUPALE began with the production and trade of citrus fruits from their own orchards and with careful fruit selection introduced themselves into the demanding markets and European customers. As a sign of quality, service, dedication and confidence, FRUPALE continues today with the same main customers who started their business relationship already in the 60s and 70s.

In the 80s, FRUPALE diversified its business by extending the production and trade of fruits and vegetables into Biologics (Organic Production), forming the company now known as EXAFRU located in Pulpi (Almeria). This is also the central warehouse for the packing and handling of these products.

The Present and the Future is based on continuing to give the best products and best service to our customers, providing the best solutions to their needs and collaborate with them in their development and satisfaction.